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One rotten legal apple of the many that go unreported!

I heard a story that shocked me yesterday. There is an elderly man being extorted and coerced by his attorney. The man committed a crime, confessed, etc. Trust that there are mitigating circumstances behind why the man hasn’t been formally charged. There are allegedly no plans to put him in jail either. However, his attorney has so far asked payment in excess of $15,000 dollars, and… continues asking for money citing protection from prosecution.

If you are going to hire an attorney, payment is almost always a flat fee or a percentage, but never both. If you do come by an attorney asking for both, walk away. Read any contract before signing and ask as many questions as you want to. Ask for clarification of the contract. More than likely if you get asked for a flat fee, you may not have a good case; however, it is always a better sign if you get asked for a percentage (usually between 30-40%).

In the man’s case, despite his crime, he has rights. Yup, criminal’s have rights too. The other criminal here is his attorney.  Extortion with coercion is a criminal offense. The old man needs to take this to the District Attorney’s office.

All of this, in one way or another, is being addressed. I’m sharing the story and just letting you know that there are legal remedies against scum like this.

Attorneys and also doctors have a strict code of conduct and ethics that they must follow. If you have ever been mistreated, treated unjustly, or you know these so-called-professionals are in violation of something, you are not alone.

If you have problems with an attorney in Texas, you can file a complaint with the State Bar of Texas. And of doctors, the Texas State Medical Board. I will post the links after this.

If you are in need of an attorney, you can get a referral through the State Bar of Texas’ website. They offer listings of attorneys by their specialization. One benefit of using this site is first visits may run you about $20.00, or you may get a fee waiver.

Since this attorney in my story has stolen around $15,000, it is a felony. However, the case isn’t necessarily over yet. In Texas you can always file the complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. In this man’s case, the AG won’t file a case on his behalf, but they will begin a file on the attorney. If enough complaints are received, then the Attorney General’s office begins an investigation, etc.

Empower yourself!


Serendipity, has a sense of humor…

Ever had anything happen that you have no real explanation for? I have, but none as this. This is one of my stories. I don’t know about you, but now I truly believe that there are no accidents here on Earth—figuratively speaking.

It’s not likely that we run into people and see forever in their eyes. But I did. On Thursday, June, 6, after work between 7 and 7:14 pm, I stopped at the usual gas station only this time to buy ice and beer. I was on the phone with my co-worker. I was on my Bluetooth. I walked into the store, nothing out of the ordinary, I went to the far right to the beer, and there were some men who looked like they were trying to decide what beer to get. This was the only thing I noticed.

I think I was loud because “the one” jumped out-of-the-way so I could get my beer. I went straight for the one particular brand, paid them no mind, and I then excused myself and walked back to get the ice. As bad habits go, if I don’t have pockets, I stick my phone in between me and the pants–and as usual, the phone had other plans. I stopped at the first cashier because it began slipping down my pants. The cashier that was open was the one on the far right. Regardless, I had to fix my phone or I knew it would just drop straight down!

As I was fixing my phone, the men stood behind me in line. I suppose I said the cashier was over there and motioned, and I said, oh please, go… I could hear amusement in his voice and  he said, “I’m in no hurry”. I didn’t see his face. All this time, I was still talking to my co-worker on the phone…and fidgeting with the phone itself.  He waited while I fixed my phone. I was a bit miffed that I couldn’t fix my phone in peace and I felt rushed, so I went to where there was a cashier. The line followed me, and stood behind me once more.

Ugh, then my hair got stuck in my bluetooth, I was still losing my phone. My card didn’t immediately work. I had all these people behind me. And in all my commotion, my phone fell.  I bent over picked up the phone, swiped my card again, and it worked. To get some of the stress out, I let my long hair cascade slowly down. After a few more seconds, I got my receipt, picked up my beer and I bent over to pick up the ice. As I did, I looked down and saw these work boots. Something compelled me to follow those boots up. From the boots, to the ankles, the knees, to the thighs, the stomach, the chest, broad shoulders, and his neck and to his sun-kissed face, the 5 o’clock shadow had a lovely salt n pepper mix; his sun-kissed skin was gorgeous! And then the most BEAUTIFUL …ice colored  eyes I’ve ever seen in my entire life! (or maybe they were green.—they were hiding under a red cap. His black pupils were suspended in all that lovely color.) I was smitten. Of course I was all in black, except for the _________ I was wearing. Why didn’t I wear my other nice suits!?  Regardless, I felt lightning strike. The exchange was impactful, full and emotional, stimulating, exciting,  and Electric!  It was a split second, yet I saw my entire next half of my life in his eyes with him. I froze. Time stopped. There was only he and I.  And now I know now what forever feels like in one second. It is amazing!

I quickly turned my eyes down.  I was shy –me shy?! OMG, why didn’t I speak! Why didn’t I say anything? I was livid and quite speechless. I then turned and ran for the door, not exactly knowing what happened. The strange part is that he felt it too. We both let out a small gasp, both stared into each other’s eyes, both were left wondering what happened?

I put my ice in my car and continued to argue with my co-worker…. then I saw him again. He looked dazed and speechless too. He came out the door, looked at me through the window as he passed. I backed my eyes. I felt intimidated, and excited and ALIVE! Why did this happen to me? Why did I freeze? Why was I shy!? Shy?! I’m never shy!  I looked down again…then up and again backed my eyes. I felt restrained, unable to move. Why, for God’s sake, why?!

After spending what seemed eternity next to my car, he walked away slowly. Paced straight and headed to his truck. As if it was his safety. His friends followed, but I paid them no mind.

In the confusion and excitement I sighed, turned the ignition on, slowly backed up and headed to exit the parking lot. I wanted to go back, I wanted to see him again. But by then the intersection was free and the light was green. I turned onto the street, looked back toward the parking lot. His body followed me…his eyes never left me….. My eyes met his again through the glass…he looked disappointed and waved his hands next to his thighs like saying “is that it?”

He is familiar…he is a stranger…but yet  I felt I’ve known him forever. I walked away from the man of my dreams. Lightning struck and it blinded me.  We both felt it.

My heart sank. My elation stayed behind as I left the gas station. My heart broke. And that moment is frozen forever in time. It is beautiful, innocent, wonderful and magical!

Though we never said a word, I saw forever in a moment. All I know is he is an oilfield worker. I know he isn’t from my hometown. The truck’s logo had two outlined squares, one red and a blue one beneath it. His truck was full of nice red pumps and gadgets and widgets with faucets. He is in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. He was perfect!

Serendipity, has a sense of humor!  Destiny, please intervene and let fate step forward once again…let me see him again…